Systems Analysis and Design


While there are many purported benefits of agile software development, use of these methods often has a significant impacton project coordination and information management, particularly where large, distributed teams are concerned. Effectivecoordination requires easily accessible, preferably structured information that is typically unavailable. In this paper wepresent a comprehensive argument for the need to develop supporting tools for extracting information in agile projects. Suchtools may improve the coordination, information management and tracking processes in agile teams with automatedhighlighting of salient issues arising from project meetings using documentation generated automatically from unstructuredinformation, such as Instant Messaging (IM) history or transcribed audio records of team meetings. We discuss the relevanceof our methodology for large-scale, distributed, multi-project agile teams and present guidelines for designing informationsystems to support such tasks. We present a description and evaluation of the proposed information extraction method usingan actual dataset.