Health Care IT


Several studies suggest that physicians are reluctant to adopt computer-based diagnostic decision aids, in part, due to thewidespread psychological bias that patients and peers have against physicians who use them. This bias has been welldocumented among Western patients and physicians. However, to date, no one has examined this bias in a non-Westernsetting. This work examines the attitudes of Indian physicians towards other physicians who use computer-based diagnosticaids. To accomplish this, we administered a series of experiments and a follow-up survey. The participants were physiciansfrom three Indian medical centers. In the survey, the majority of physicians were positive about the usefulness of diagnosticaids, especially for use in the diagnosis of difficult illnesses. However, when asked to imagine how patients might react tolearning their physician used a computer-based diagnostic aid, our participant responses where more negative. Similarly, inthe experiments, physicians rated the diagnostic ability of physicians who used a diagnostic aid significantly lower than theability of physicians who did not.