Despite major strides in information technology, the Information Systems (IS) community generally continues to suffer fromthe delivery of low quality and failed systems. The situation in the English-speaking Caribbean and in Jamaica in particular,is even more stark because interventions such as software process improvement (SPI) processes are neither well known norused. There is therefore a glaring need to understand the fundamentals of quality determinants in this domain to be able toprovide useful insights for improvement. A recent study has indicated that Jamaican developers are unaware of SPIapproaches and consequently the potential impact and role of process and people on IS quality. We have also included theperception of quality as a probable determinant of the success of even high quality IS. In this research in progress, we havedeveloped and proposed a research model and propositions to explore the impact of process, people and perception on ISquality and success. We hope to use it in Caribbean studies to provide much needed insights.