Diffusion of Information Technology


SMEs are widely recognized as an important driving force of economic growth, yet, their uptake of ICT is still very low. Tosupport SMEs ICT adoption and to foster regional development, in 2000, the Lisbon Strategy on the Information Society andKnowledge-based economy created a vision for 2010 towards the creation of the European Digital Business Ecosystems(DBE). This paper is positioned within that context and reports upon a project involving 6000 SMEs whose aim was tosupport ICT adoption and to encourage SME networks through the creation of a Regional Business Portal. The paperexplores factors affecting the regional SMEs participating in the DBE. An in-depth longitudinal case study approach wasadopted and multiple sources of evidence were used. Many factors affecting SMEs progression to DBE were identified:including people and organization, environmental, diffusion networks, technological, regional and time factors.