Systems Analysis and Design


Agile development methods continue to enjoy widespread use, with more and more companies transitioning to agile methods.Current literature suggests that most of those companies are successful in making the transition, but others are not sosuccessful. This paper examines one such company – referred to within as the ‘ABC Company’ to maintain their privacy –and analyzes and discusses their struggles with implementing agile methods. In short, it appears that lack of firm leadershipcommitment to agile, absence of a clearly defined customer to provide clearly defined requirements or push for additionalsoftware capabilities, failure to provide adequate initial or ongoing training and support to the organization as a whole, andunderestimating the change management requirements were contributing factors to ABC’s struggles with implementing agilemethods. These conclusions were reached based on a series of interviews with company employees, review of the relevantliterature, and comparisons with other similar case studies.