Organizational Social Media around the GLOBE

Daniel Schlagwein, University of Cologne
Pattarawan Prasarnphanich


In this study, we analyze the impact of societal culture on organizational social media. We understand

organizational social medias as the use of social media by organizations. We use societal culture in the terms of

the model provided by the GLOBE study. Culture is generally considered a factor in the adoption of traditional

information systems. We assume that cultural impacts are especially strong in the case of social information

systems, such as social media, due to their open, transparent, and collaborative nature. We collect data from 500

firms regarding their use of organizational social media, i.e. blogs (e.g., microblogs (Twitter),

social networks (Facebook), video sharing (YouTube), picture sharing (Flickr), and presentation sharing (e.g.

Slideshare). Our findings indicate that societal culture is indeed a determinator of organizational social media.

The paper concludes with implication for IS researcher (such as that other level of culture need to be examined

as well) and IS practitioners (such as that culturally adapted social media strategies are required).