Information Systems for Sustainability and Global Competitiveness


Environmental technologies are becoming increasingly important for business firms to reduce environmental impacts anddifferentiate from competitors. In this paper, fundamental approaches of strategic management are presented and the strategicsignificance of sustainability initiatives and Green Information Technology (Green IT) is analyzed. Environmental strategiesare introduced and the importance of strategically aligning the business, sustainability, and IT domain is highlighted. Weargue that there is no consistent approach for aligning Green IT with sustainability goals and business objectives so far. Toclose this research gap, we integrate Green IT into the concept of IT strategy and develop the Strategic Green IT AlignmentFramework (SGITAF), which could prove meaningful for both practitioners and academics. The SGITAF differentiatesbetween an internal and an external perspective and comprises the domains Green IT and environmental sustainability. Fourdistinct Green IT alignment perspectives, which vary according to their competitive focus and their competitive advantage,are suggested.