Virtual Communities and Collaborations


Since the concepts of"customer innovation" (2002) and “crowdsourcing”(2006) were introduced, researchers have focused their attention onthe phenomenon of crowdsourcing innovation. Relevant researchincludesthe crowd’s characteristics,the crowd’sapplicability in different phases of developing innovations,andinstrumental aspects of web-based crowdinnovation. However, there has been no research on how requestersleverage the crowdto effectivelygenerateinnovations, especially via informationsystems. In thisresearch, to explore the value of information systemsin leveraging crowdsourcing innovationunderdifferent conditions,I conductedand compared twocasestudies.After analyzing(I) aninnovative idea collection software and (II) a StarCraft –related crowdsourcing project,four stages in the web-based crowdsourcing campaign wereidentified: (1) identifying, (2) requesting, (3) evaluatingand(4)retainingthe crowd.