Information Technology Services & Sourcing


The purpose of this conceptual paper is to address the lack of consistent means through which strategies are identified anddiscussed across theoretical perspectives in the field of business strategy. A standardised referencing system is offered tocodify the means by which strategies can be identified, from which new business services and information systems may bederived. This taxonomy was developed using qualitative content analysis study of government agencies’ strategic plans. Thistaxonomy is useful for identifying strategy formation and determining gaps and opportunities. Managers will benefit from amore transparent strategic design process that reduces ambiguity, aids in identifying and correcting gaps in strategyformulation, and fosters enhanced strategic analysis. Key benefits to academics are the improved dialogue in strategicmanagement field and suggest that progress in the field requires that fundamentals of strategy formulation and classificationbe considered more carefully. Finally, the formalization of strategy can lead to the clear identification of new businessservices, which inform ICT investment decisions and shared service prioritisation.