Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management


The need for taking a knowledge-based view (KBV) within the information systems (IS) field has receivedincreasing attention. This ongoing research, by analyzing and synthesizing the literature on innovationknowledgemanagement and on e-Business adoption in SMEs as one IS problem, focuses on two things. Firstly,it highlights the need for taking a KBV to e-business projects within the SME sector. Secondly, by adopting acontent-process-context model (Pettigrew & Whipp, 1991; Snowden 2002), it proposes an inter-organizationalKM (IOKM) framework for further research. By analyzing the literature, this paper highlights that the IOKMframework needs to be dynamic to address the contingencies of each phase of e-business adoption. Theoriginality of this research is on providing an exploratory discussion of KM issues within e-business projectphases, combining theories of inter-organizational linkages, KM, innovation and e-business adoption andimplementation, in order to provide a theoretical lens to study how we can facilitate IT innovation through thelens of the KBV.