Diffusion of Information Technology


RFID technology is recently an emerging technology that is being used in many echelons of supply chain participants. Mostrecent IS research on this technology focus on factors which will impact its organizational adoption. However, adoption isjust one part of assimilation process which cannot make sure that RFID can be full-scale deployed in an organization.Assimilation theories also suggested that most information technologies exhibit an “an assimilation gap” which meanswidespread usage tends to lag behind their adoption. Therefore, a stage-based model is necessary for us to understand theassimilation process of RFID technology.In this paper, we will draw on innovation diffusion theory, institutional theory and stage-based model to investigate whichinnovation factors play significant roles during three assimilation stages: initiation-adoption-routinization. Factors under eachcategory of TOE (technological, organizational, and environmental) framework will be potential antecedents of the stagebasedassimilation process and their impacts on each stage will be investigated.