IS Curriculum, Education and Teaching Cases


Typically, an introductory programming course is a required course for business college undergraduate students majoring ininformation systems. Different instructors may have different approaches to teaching this course: Some give lectures andassign programming exercises, while others only assign programming exercises without giving lectures. This researchdeliberately compared the effects of the two teaching approaches on learning performance. Results indicated that: (1) bothapproaches are effective, and (2) the programming-exercises-only approach is more effective than the other approach. Furtheranalysis indicated that students’ current programming skills, prior programming experience, and grade expectation, aresignificant antecedents of students’ performance in terms of their final grades for the course. These results suggested thatwhen teaching introductory programming courses, instructors may consider choosing the student-centered active learningover the traditional lecture format in order to improve students’ learning performance.