Global, International and Cultural Issues in IS


Information Technology (IT) is an important resource that facilitates growth and development in both the developed andemerging economies. The increasing forces of globalization are creating a wider digital divide between the developed andemerging economies. The smaller emerging economies are the most venerable. Intense competition for IT resources meansthat these emerging economies would need to acquire a deeper understanding of how to source and evaluate their IT-relatedefforts. This effort would put these economies in a better position to source funding from various stakeholders. This researchpresents a complementary approach to securing better IT-related business value in organizations in the South Pacific Islandcountries – a case of emerging economies. Analysis of data collected from six South Pacific Island countries suggests thatorganizations that invest in IT and related complementaries are able to better their business processes. The data also suggestthat improved business processes lead to overall business processes improvements.