Systems Analysis and Design


Continuously growing and changing multinational companies oftentimes struggle with heterogeneous degrees of standardization.Especially in case of redesigning business processes that have been historically grown over decades, the capability of handlingsemi-structures process is central. Nevertheless, for competitive advantages, it is essential for a company to work on the optimizationof all processes. Existing redesign techniques either focus on completely unstructured or structured processes. TheRedesign Model presented in this paper transforms processes with any level of structuredness into processes with an increaseddegree of standardization. Our technique consists of four main steps: (i) we extract the objectives for an efficient business processredesign from existing literature; (ii) we formulate a list of requirements an innovative redesign model has to fulfill; (iii) wepresent a design science based Business Process Redesign Framework including our Redesign model; (iv) we evaluate our modelshowing its applicability and completeness.