With hand-held devices and mobile computing becoming ubiquitous in our lives, it is true that many people are interested inthe usage of smartphones in the tourism industry. However, even though there are lots of studies on technology acceptanceand online travel information, there is little research on smartphone acceptance for travel information. The aim of this study isto investigate the determinants of travelers’ intentions to adopt smartphones within the context of their travel activities. Inthis paper we propose a new approach to examine the intention of travelers to use smartphones by viewing smartphone usagefrom two standpoints: hardware (technology) and software (online travel information). In terms of hardware, the unitedtheory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model is used to investigate the intention to use smartphones, and thetravel websites satisfaction (E-SAT) model is used to investigate the intention to use smartphones in terms of software. Basedon the literature of two research streams, this study proposes an instrument to measure the affecting factors on the acceptanceof smartphones regarding travel information.