Systems Analysis and Design


The current work is positioned at the point where technology acceptance research and user participation in informationsystems development research intersect. More specifically, this paper purports to achieve three objectives: (a) explain howtechnology acceptance determinants can be elicited from users during their participation in the ISD activities, (b) investigatethe influence of user participation on these determinants, and (c) investigate if the elicitation of these determinants at earlystages of the ISD is predictive of post-implementation usage behavior. To this end, the research recommends adding newcategories to the traditional system development stages so as to elicit acceptance determinants. Ten hypotheses are advancedto investigate the ex-ante predictability of acceptance determinants and how user participation impacts them. The proposedmodel, through its robust theoretical foundation, holds the promise of predicting systems acceptance/rejection at early stagesof the development process thereby increasing the likelihood of successful systems development.