Many new public sector collaborations exhibit the characteristics of Shared Service Organizations (SSO). PublicSafety Networks (PSNs) are receiving more attention and priority in the United States as the country deals with everincreasing threats from terrorism and natural disasters. As a network of independent, collaborating, safety agencies,supported by an information and communications technology infrastructure, PSNs organize as SSOs to meet theneeds of ensuring public safety. Analysis of two United States PSNs is used to characterize PSNs as SSOs. Resultsfrom this research should lead to improvements and efficiencies in cost, performance, and innovations in PSNs inline with improvements seen in other organizations adopting SSO structures. With federal calls for improvedtransparency and cross-agency data sharing and operations, classifying PSNS as SSOs aids in understanding thecomplexities of public safety operations. Results are potentially applicable to a broad range of cross-agencyintergovernmental collaborative initiatives employing interorganizational systems.