Design Science


Long being seen as commercially unsuccessful after the dot-com era, web-based B2B electronic intermediaries are currentlyundergoing a renaissance driven by globalization and an ever increasing cost-pressure on procurement departments ofenterprises. These systems are getting more sophisticated almost by the day, which is also reflected by numerous relatedscientific articles. This development raises the question of the latest characteristics of such systems scientifically described.In order to answer this question, the work at hand depicts the results of a novel design science approach based on a structuredliterature review. The outcomes of this research are i) a state-of-the-art overview of scientifically described softwarecharacteristics of B2B electronic intermediaries, and ii) a taxonomy for structuring software characteristics of this type ofsystems. The results may help practitioners to further develop B2B electronic intermediaries and e-procurement systems, andwill serve as a basis for future research endeavors in the field.