Ubiquitous, mobile, pervasive, and wireless (UMPW) information systems have been gaining more attention across multiple disciplines, as a result of the development in telecommunications and information technology infrastructure having a broad impact on changing the way of doing things. The goal of this article is to identify the current state of UMPW research, especially focusing within the information (IS) systems discipline. A total of 161 articles from 2004 to 2009 were identified from 8 main stream IS journals as being relevant to UMPW research. Based on the literature review, this article investigates the amount and frequency of UMPW articles being published in these journals, and searches for patterns related to publications, researchers, and institutions/organizations within the UMPW literature. Observations from the current state of UMPW literature show that many institutions and researchers are interested in UMPW research; the majority of researchers only published one article; all major journals had UMPW publications although the majority of publications were focused on CACM and DSS; and there was a stable trend in the productivity of UMPW research. This article also discusses limitations of the current work, and presents directions for future research.