In rapidly growing global companies, comprehensive training programs as well as in depth sharing of knowledge are essential factors to maintain the quality of human capital despite rapid expansion. Different dimensions of Knowledge management address the need and approach to leverage dispersed knowledge in order to make it visible and accessible for everyone to improve organizational performance. However, there has been a scarcity of successful and holistic models that define and categorize tacit knowledge in order to capture and distribute it for the benefit of others. This paper focuses on developing a framework in order to capture experiences regarding software project management and to provide a platform for managers to inherit knowledge from and bequeath their learning to others at large organizations. In order to build up and enhance the framework, the majority of information was gleaned from intensive interviews with top software project managers at Infosys, a well-known global company in the field of software development and consulting services. The final framework we developed can act as a comprehensive data-repository for capturing, storing, searching, and distributing tacit knowledge of project managers.