Cloud Computing is a relatively new topic that has taken over the computing world by storm with promises of cost savings, increased flexibility and infinite scalability, while harnessing the full power of today’s very powerful devices. With advances by Microsoft, Amazon, and other leaders in computing, this field is slated as the fastest growing segment of the technology industry in terms of investment, development and recruitment. Join us in the Microsoft Cloud Computing / Software+Services workshop to learn about the Azure ecosystem and Windows Azure – our internet-scale cloud services platform, which provides an operating system and a rich set of developer services that allow you to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloudbased capabilities. We will also discuss our vision of the future – what we consider the natural evolution of cloud computing – the intersection of the cloud and software running on-premise and devices, which we call “Software-plus-Services”. We will share why the intersection of the cloud, the on-premise server and rich clients is the future of computing.