The topic of this panel session is the management and delivery of course content through the integration of new instructional technologies to facilitate independent student learning in technical courses. The two lead panelists will provide examples and explanations of newly restructured information systems courses using a range of instructional technologies, including an online course management system, student response system, online video tutorial approach, classroom information systems synchronization tools, smart classroom technologies, and online student collaboration tools. These courses have been developed to foster a move away from the traditional classroom lecture “teaching centric” paradigm to an independent “learner centric” paradigm. This classroom methodology was developed as one result of the work completed for an NSF-funded project, Expanding Pathways for Educational Development and Information Technology Experiences (ExPEDITE). A focus of this classroom methodology is presenting technology-based course material to students with little to no technical background. These students often perceive technology-related classes as extremely difficult and many times overwhelming. The proposed methodology uses the various instructional technologies to slowly build the learner’s background through a gradual, repetitive learning process where the learner becomes more independent with each classroom activity.