What are some effective ways to assess your IS program educational objectives and program outcomes? Today, assessment is a focus point for AACSB, ABET as well as regional accrediting agencies. Practical examples for different aspects of assessment will be presented that help faculty develop meaningful and comprehensive program assessment techniques and tools. Eight experienced speakers will share their best practices with time allowed for questions and answers from the audience. Topics in the workshop include: 1. Building an Assessment Plan from the Ground Up – Barbara Denison, Wright State University 2. Experiences with the Information Systems Exit Exam - Daniel J. McFarland, Rowan University 3. The Capstone Course in IS Assessment – Meg Murray, Kennesaw State University 4. Framework for performance evaluation and program outcome assessment– Janos Fustos, Metropolitan State University of Denver 5. Direct Assessment: Some Best Practices - Lynn McKell, Brigham Young University 6. Integrating Soft Skills Assessment through University, College, and Programmatic Efforts, Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University 7. Program Assessment Reporting System – Rich Redmond, Virginia Commonwealth University 8. Direct Assessment methods. A review of assessment methods on accredited campuses – Bruce White, Quinnipiac University