Despite the constant stream of research investigating IT business value, IT capabilities, and competitive advantage, researchers are calling for a more coherent understanding of the firm-level impacts of IT, and how those firm-level impacts can be measured. The purpose of this study is to investigate the multitude of organization-level studies of the impact of information technology. A meta-analysis approach was used spanning five years (2003-2008) and 60 articles concerning the impact of information technology at the organizational level. The findings are synthesized into an overarching framework of the impact of IT at the organization level. The study finds that IS research on organizational impacts of IT is diverse, with a multitude of variables and constructs as antecedents and measures of the impact of IT. The framework categorizes measures of the impact of IT into organizational productivity, financial performance, and intangible benefits, while the antecedents of IT impact are categorized into business alignment, IT resources, IT capabilities, and external forces.