The relational model base system represents a significant departure from the data-base dependent decision models that currently exist when discussing real-time data analysis and decision making. This research involves detailing cases of prototypical relational model-base-centered integrative systems and the incorporated relational model-base structures for each system as proposed by Sutherland and Baker (2007). The specific instance of dynamic resource allocation outlined here discusses a recursive agribusiness case, with the target application being precision agriculture, alternatively known as precision farming. In this research, a recursive, prototypical relational model-base-centered integrative system is going to be detailed from the perspective of a grain producer, including specific requirements for a relational model-base system in this environment. This case qualifies as a recursive case as the grain producer would invariably have a hierarchical decisionmaking relationship with the grain millers, who establish the requirements for what needs to be produced and in what quantities.