This tutorial discusses the potential of using functional brain imaging tools and methods to inform Information Systems (IS) research, termed NeuroIS. Economics, marketing, and psychology literature are already exploiting the potential of brain imaging to enrich their theories, methods, and data. IS researchers are still largely unaware of this potential, with the exception of some recent studies that started to show the potential of functional brain imaging to enrich IS theory development. This tutorial describes how IS researchers can use functional brain imaging tools to complement existing data sources. It overviews several functional brain imaging tools and proposes a set of opportunities that IS researchers can draw upon to inform IS theories. It also offers several examples of potentially fertile intersections of brain imaging and IS research and discusses step-by-step directions on how to conduct a NeuroIS study. This discussion is followed by several examples of NeuroIS studies in the context of trust, distrust, and uncertainty in e-commerce, technology adoption and use that spawns interesting new insights and implications. The tutorial concludes by discussing the potential of functional brain imaging tools, aiming to enhance the tools, and data in the IS researchers’ portfolio.