Data quality plays a crucial role for financial institutions. Some would even say that data quality is one of the principal reasons for the current financial crisis. Anyway, sufficient data quality is needed to make well-informed business decisions. The dependence on good data quality is especially high if value based management is applied, since then the control of an institution only depends on a few selected key indicators. Bad data quality will lead to inaccurate indicators. To achieve a higher level of data quality, financial institutions need to invest in data quality projects. Although they are generally willing to do this, data quality projects need to be justified through business cases. In this research-in-progress paper, we present the results of a survey in which we asked German financial institutions to give their perspective on the influence of data quality on value based management. The findings of this study provide the basis for our future research as we finally aim at developing a business case model that financial institutions can apply to prepare business cases for data quality projects.