This “last lecture” is to my fellow academics in information systems. My career spans the entire period of the adoption of information technology in organizations (from punched cards to the internet), the rise of the organization function of information systems, and the emergence of an academic field of IS (also called Management information Systems or MS). have had great opportunities to work with colleagues to: found an MS department, head an MS research center, create new S degrees and curricula, and write original books and manuals. I have been very involved with the Minnesota MS doctoral program as advisor to many doctoral students and on many dissertation committees. have been involved internationally and have been part of the leadership for our major S organizations. In my “last lecture” will address two topics. The first is how I see the future of our field. The second is some personal career advice for my younger colleagues. I have had many successes and some failures, and have observed the careers of many faculty members and doctoral students. I will summarize my observations as actionable advice about being a successful academic while being a happy, contributing human being.