Service orientation has been related to several types of organizational development, such as customer orientation and market orientation. In addition to customer focus and cross-functional integration, the service orientation focuses more on operational excellence and innovation. Studies have shown that information technology (IT) plays an important role in the development of a service orientation. On the one hand, IT can enable a service orientation in an organization through operational innovation and close relationships with customers. On the other hand, empirical studies have revealed that organizations with low use of IT can also demonstrate high service orientation with a supportive organizational infrastructure. There are many factors affecting the effectiveness of the exploitation of IT. It is important to build a deep understanding of what a service orientation is at both the strategic and operational levels and to know how IT is applied in supporting these organizational focuses. This study attempts to build insights about how organizations engage in the use of IT for building service orientation. Useful analysis of the characteristics of service orientation and IT exploitation is proposed for building deep understanding of patterns of IT exploitation in facing challenges in the service economy.