There are some market share estimations by analysts (Pang 2007) that give us a very raw figure on the developments of the ERP or Enterprise Systems market either globally or in certain countries. The assumptions and fundamental calculations of the market share investigations are seldom visible for the public. For countries with a broad range of enterprise system vendors like Germany where more than 600 enterprise system vendors are registered insufficient there is to do data research in that area although text-based case studies are broadly available like the honorable project 'Experience base' (Woelfle 2009). However, a detailed and industry-specific analysis of reasons for new enterprise systems answering the following questions is missing: - Movements of market shares from systems with an old technological base to newer ones? - Trends in scrapping of old systems? - Movements to a new system from the same vendor and so on. The main goal of the ongoing project 'Enterprise Systems Knowledge' is to attack these questions in a new manner.