The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2014, the IT industry will create close to 1 million new jobs and, with retirements, have more than 1.3 million job openings. IT jobs account for six of the 30 jobs that the bureau predicts will grow the fastest, with increases around 50% over a decade. Consider the fact that IBM leads in the server ($100K +) market and that there are 14 million mainframe MIPS world wide as well as thousands of mainframe accounts worldwide. While the number of job openings is not known, all indicators point to need for more entry-level people to work on hardware, software, and IT services around the mainframe. Want to find out more about what colleges and universities are doing to prepare the next generation of enterprise computing experts? This is your opportunity to hear from a panel of leading educators and industry experts discuss what they are doing to meet the demands of the next generation of IT enterprise systems experts.