The need for a qualified workforce in information technology and information systems (IT/IS) is reaching crisis proportions. The U.S. Department of Labor identified information technology as “the fastest growing sector in the economy with a 68% growth rate projected between 2002 and 2012”. In 2007 alone, two out of three Federal agencies listed information technology as a mission-critical occupation due to overwhelming increase in demand [Partnership for Public Service, 2007]. Moran [2006] identified 6 of the most attractive jobs into 2012 as IT-related. Couple this information with the declining enrollment of students entering a degree field of study related to information and communications technology (ICT, or simply IT/IS) and the rapid retirement of “baby boomers” from the technical workforce; the United States is facing a major crisis by the year 2012 [Becker, Hassan, Naumann, 2006; Luftman, 2008]. This paper describes the need for a major project (a.k.a., IT/STEM in Motion Project) that would by necessity involve a complete bottom-up realignment of K-12 educational programs, employing educational pathways (a.k.a., major tracts), that will excite, elicit, entice students into many different post-secondary educational, technology-related programs (e.g., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics--STEM), and in particular the IT/IS field. NOTE: NSF funding is being sought to expedite this project.