People, who interact, cooperate or share common activities within the photo sharing system can be seen as a multirelational social network. The results of their activities, i.e. tags, comments, references to favourites and others that semantically connect users through multimedia objects, i.e. pictures are the crucial component of the semantic web concept. Every online sharing system provides data that can be used for extraction of different kinds of relations grouped in layers in the multirelational social network. Layers and their profiles were identified and studied on two, spanned in time, snapshots of Flickr population for better understanding of social network structure complexity. Additionally, for each of the identified layers, a separate strength measure was proposed in the paper. The experiments on the Flickr photo sharing system revealed that users are inspired by both the semantic relationships between objects they operate on and social links they have to other users. Moreover, the density and affluence of the social network grows over course of time.