The data flow diagram (DFD) has been a development, communication, and documentation technique in the systems analyst toolbox for almost two decades. Both surveys and expert opinion confirm that the data flow diagram is a popular and most preferred tool of its class structured analysis and design tools (Whitten,Bentley, & Ho, 1986, p.221). Recent surveys indicate as much as an 80% usage of DFDs (Jain & Purao, 1991; Martin, M., 1991, p.98). These surveys also indicate that of all the "structured tools", the DFD is consistently used more than the others. Numerous authors attest to the DFD's popularity (Vessey & Conger, 1994; Vessey, Jarvenpaa, & Tractinsky, 1992; France, 1992; Kung 1991; Abrahami 1993, Liu, 1993; Warren, Stott, & Norcio, 1991; Protsko, Sorenson, Tremblay, & Schaefer, 1991; Capron, 1986; Gore & Stubbe, 1988; Kendall & Kendall, 1988; Martin & McClure, 1985; Martin, M., 1991; Powers, Cheney, & Crow, 1990; Wetherbe, 1988; Whitten, Bentley, & Ho, 1986; Yourdon, 1989, etc).