An increasing number of clinicians (i.e., nurses and physicians) suffer from mental health-related issues like depression and burnout. These, in turn, stress communication, collaboration, and decision- making—areas in which Conversational Agents (CAs) have shown to be useful. Thus, in this work, we followed a mixed-method approach and systematically analysed the literature on factors affecting the well-being of clinicians and CAs’ potential to improve said well-being by relieving support in communication, collaboration, and decision-making in hospitals. In this respect, we are guided by Brigham et al. (2018)’s model of factors influencing well-being. Based on an initial number of 840 articles, we further analysed 52 papers in more detail and identified the influences of CAs’ fields of application on external and individual factors affecting clinicians’ well-being. As our second method, we will conduct interviews with clinicians and experts on CAs to verify and extend these influencing factors.