Blockchain technology (BT) revolutionised remittance transactions recording, banks and remittance institutes have shown growing interest in exploring blockchain's potential advantages over traditional practices. This paper presents a data-driven predictive decision support approach as an innovative artefact designed for blockchain-oriented remittance industry. Employing theory-generating Design Science Research (DSR) approach, the transaction Big Data (BD) driven predictive emerged. The artefact integrates Predictive Analytics (PA) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable real-time transactions monitoring, empowering management decision-makers to address challenges in the uncertain digitized landscape of blockchain-oriented remittance companies. Bridging the gap between theory and the practice, this research safeguards the remittance ecosystem while fostering future predictive decision support solution with its PA advancement in other domains. Additionally, the generation of theory from the artifact's implementation enriches the DSR approach and fosters grounded and stakeholder theory development in the Information Systems (IS) domain.