Visual effects (VFX) are a cornerstone of modern filmmaking, yet research into their management approaches is still significantly limited. Agile project management (APM) is widely seen as being the most effective project management approach in technology-reliant, and innovative environments, all of which are characteristics commonly found in the VFX industry. We conducted a series of interviews to understand the extent to which APM techniques have been applied in the VFX industry, considering the theoretical transferability of APM to such non-software focused, creative teams. The interviews were conducted with a range of VFX professionals who differed in country of origin, seniority, background, gender, and the size of the companies they worked for. We identified an overall alignment of current management practice to core APM axioms, yet there is only a partial adoption of an existing formalised agile methodologies. We also identified a consistent set of adaptive and responsive PM practices across a diverse range of companies. We hypothesise that there exists a previously unidentified incarnation of Agile we have named Adapted Creative Agile Management of Projects (ACAMP).