As technology becomes ever more present in our modern-day setting, the notion of veracity appealing as a social term with an ethical interface is becoming increasingly worthwhile. However, veracity is a Western term without a Māori perspective and work is required to better understand the term veracity within a kaupapa Māori worldview. Within a western science worldview, the term veracity is a highly complex, not well-understood phrase with associated terms to provide meaning, with words like trust, truth, and authenticity being assigned. This opens two problems for Māori, firstly; firstly, Māori and indigenous communities are often under-represented or misrepresented when new technology terms arrive in tribal communities. Secondly, trust is a concept that does not necessarily translate directly between indigenous and western perspectives and within current research there isn’t a clear understanding of how to build trust from a Māori perspective. This paper gathers a set of key Māori termed wordsconcepts to match a cultural equivalent version of trust that may represent the same within a kaupapa Māori contextual worldview. By collecting core concepts from published literature, this paper provides valuable insights into words that can be assigned similar meanings that instil trust for Māori users of technology.