This qualitative research examines the effects of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) simulations, on the problem-solving skills of Supply Chain Management (SCM) students in Australian universities. The study emphasises the development of six core problem-solving skills: critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, teamwork, self-awareness, and resilience through simulations. The results, based on interviews conducted from ERPsim lab instructors, highlight ERPsim labs' transformational potential in encouraging holistic student growth, particularly in integrating theoretical understandings with real SCM issues. These laboratories are critical in demonstrating the real-world intricacies of supply chains, cementing their relevance in both IS and SCM courses. While acknowledging geographical and sample size constraints, the study proposes broadening research topics and including student perspectives. This paper reinforces the importance of experiential learning techniques in modern pedagogy, emphasising their tremendous impact on preparing students for varied professional landscapes. The paper concludes by emphasizing the necessity for integrating ERPsim in SCM education.