Published mHealth research explicitly using Design Science Research (DSR) often has significant weaknesses in problem formulation and ideation. This paper extends prior work on problematisation and ideation in mHealth by proposing and making an initial demonstration and evaluation of a more comprehensive approach for problem formulation and ideation for research developing and evaluating mHealth apps. The proposed method includes eight key activities (1) literature review for potential kernel theories, (2) (root) causal analysis, (3) stakeholder analysis, (4) prioritisation of candidate mHealth requirements and features, e.g. using the MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could, Won’t) framework, (5) development (and validation) of user personas, (6) ideation of requirements and features to fit personas, (7) development (and validation) of user stories, and (8) engagement with stakeholders early and throughout a DSR project (i.e. during problematisation, development, and evaluation). The method was demonstrated and evaluated over the first phase of a larger mHealth DSR project.