Complementarity in AI-human collaboration has predominantly focused on improving AI systems rather than human ability. Investigating the counter-case provides immense opportunities for humans to co-evolve with AI in their emerging partnership roles. Our research contributes to this emergent field by a scoping review of extant literature in AI-human collaboration to address capability needs from a human perspective. After identifying a catalogue of human capabilities (mindsets and competencies), work practices and characteristics that predispose them, we examine the relationships between these themes. Firstly, we explain the positive reinforcement between a right mindset and the execution of human competency in its interacting with AI. Each mindset and competency are capabilities in their own right, and their relationship represents an eminently important construct in this review . Following, all themes and sub-themes and their relationship are conceptually related via a preliminary model, showing their collective impact on AI-human collaboration. Finally, an outlook for future research in this highly emergent area is presented.