Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) gradually emerged on e-commerce platforms with their influencing power on global audience. E-learning platforms followed suit on drawing the influence of educational KOLs (Edu-KOLs) for perceived learning outcome, customer retention and branding. This paper presents a systematic literature review on the thematic of traditional learning and its transformation into e-learning platforms. We seek to achieve a preliminary analysis into current development and trend on educational digitalization and its effectiveness, particularly with its amplifier, Edu-KOLs who lead new waves of learning for Gen Alpha and beyond. This literature review summaries terminologies on Edu-KOLs, and prudently reviews the locus of past research on e-commerce platforms with extracted KOLs’ analysis. The findings indicate a wide research gap given few researches having been directly yielded into Edu-KOLs’ impact, as opposite to mounting empirical evidence for e-commerce platforms with perceived outcome through KOLs.