The World Wide Web (WWW) unfolds with diverse domains and associated data sources, complicating the network data science. In addition, heterogeneity and multidimensionality can make data management, documentation, and even integration more challenging. The WWW emerges as a complex digital ecosystem on Big Data scale, and we conceptualize the web network as a Digital Web Ecosystem (DWE) in an analytical space. The purpose of the research is to develop a framework, explore the association between attributes of social networks and assess their strengths. We have experimented network users and usability attributes of social networks and tools, including misgivings. We construe new insights from data views of DWE metadata. For leveraging the usability and popularity-sentiment attribute relationships, we compute map views and several regressions between instances of technology and society dimensions, interpreting their strengths and weaknesses. Visual analytics adds values to the DWE meta-knowledge, establishing cognitive data usability in the WWW.