With the growing use of business analytics (BA), organisations have benefited from new ways to extract value from data and drive strategic, evidence-based decision making. However, much less thought about how Business Analytics contributes to business value in practice has been given. We have conducted an in-depth qualitative paper of fourteen semi-structured interviews of positions integral to BA within organisations using five value drivers and inhibiting factors that surround value generation. This paper takes a retrospective look at what has been done, and how well it compares to the practice of business analytics. This paper seeks to bridge the current knowledge gap through providing a holistic view of all five value factors and how they affect value generation. In order to answer the research question of “How does Business Analytics contribute to business value in organisations?”. The results of this research can be utilised by managers of firms creating value through data-driven decisions, as well as by others in the ecosystem for analysing business analytic solutions. As well as identifying in what ways business analytics contributes to value by bridging the gap between research and practice.