The covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation, causing organisations to go through complex systemic organisational change. The literature shows that pressure from the public is driving digital transformation, which is causing governments and the private sector to uplift their capabilities. Practitioners and researchers are calling for investments in digital capability. This exploratory field study found fifty-one digital capability initiatives in two governments, which are partitioned into four themes: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Learning, Ways of Doing and Ways of Enabling. The study applies organisational learning theory to show how immediate needs for user-centric and agile capabilities led to second-loop investments in achieving a shift in managers’ mindsets through action learning. Respondents reported that third-loop investments were necessary to enlist previously siloed services through reorganisation and changes to funding controls. By achieving all three loops of learning through investing in the four ‘Ways of’, organisations may get ahead of the digital transformation curve.