This is a research in progress paper seeking to explore trends and characteristics of Australasian information systems (IS) research. We extend a 2008 archival analysis of ACIS proceedings with data collected for conferences held between 2008 and 2019. We also retrieve metadata for proceedings published between 1990 and 2019. Conference statistics, such as submitted/accepted paper counts, acceptance rates and number of delegates are analysed. We also perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on proceeding metadata to explore trends in the size and status of ACIS and the nature of IS research in Australasia. Whilst being a research in progress paper we determine that the acceptance rate of ACIS conferences has decreased substantially over time, particularly after 2007. Further, we identify an increase in the yearly count of distinct countries associated with author institutions and the number of non-Australian/New Zealand publications. The completed research will have important contributions for Australasian IS research.