Deep and rapid changes in digital enterprise technology exceed the ability of traditional teaching methods to prepare students for challenges encountered in modern enterprises. Researchers proposed different pedagogical approaches to teach ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) concepts such as ERPsim games to enhance students’ learning and job-readiness. Although the ERPsim studies verified the role of these games in enhancing students’ learning, whether these games contribute to student’s job readiness still needs to be explored. Using the mixed-method approach, this research-in-progress is designed to fill this gap by investigating the role of ERPsim game in increasing skills, learning levels, and job-readiness among university students in Australia. The findings from this study can contribute to the improvement of ERP pedagogical techniques. In addition, this research-in-progress will provide a concrete mapping to align learning outcomes/skills with ICT industry competencies standards as defined in SFIA (Skills framework for Information Age) and AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework).