Environmental sustainability (ES) is a source of competitive advantage for organizations. However, from socio-technical systems (STS) perspective, a multitude of complex factors is involved in transforming organizations towards environmental sustainability. To facilitate such transformation, all components of an STS, including people, processes, systems and technology, need to be considered. With processes at the core of STS functionality, organizational transformations towards sustainable practices should consider business process management (BPM) as an enabler. ES in BPM research is an emerging topic. To better understand ES objectives, practices, and challenges from a process-oriented perspective, we look to the hospitality industry given it is one of the largest business sectors world-wide. Specifically, in this paper we report on a qualitative study that aims to identify ES efforts and challenges in the Australian hotel industry, exploring the extent to which a process orientation exists to assist with these efforts. Findings indicate an absence of process-oriented initiatives in relation to ES in this context.