This study postulates a conceptualisation for firm-level resource integration process effectiveness (FL-RIPE). The focal construct has remained abstract since 2012 without much scholarly attention. This article claims FL-RIPE as a potential antecedent of successful paid cloud adoption by SMEs in Australia and thereby, establishes the significance of investigating its conceptual domain. Through a systematic literature review of 39 journal articles, the study proposes a conceptualisation that depicts FL-RIPE as a function of three observable and measureable firm-level processes (i.e., internal and external coordination processes, organisational learning processes and organisational transformation processes). Several past studies have conceptualised resource integration process and its attributes. However, according to the researchers’ knowledge this is the first instance an attribute of resource integration process (FL-RIPE) is conceptualised in the firm-level. This article contributes to the practice by informing SMEs about the existence and the conceptual domain of the focal construct and its significance to successful paid cloud adoption.