Business ecosystems are pushed by competition to develop complementarities that increase their chances of survival. However, scholars continue to cite the lack of understanding in coevolution as a complementarity mechanisms of businesses, especially in the digital platform ecosystems. In this research-in-progress paper, we explore the development of complementarities, found in the coevolution of entities in digital platform ecosystems. Through initial case studies of globally developed Korean entertainment and culture industry, we discover a possible categorization of different types of coevolution in the digital platform ecosystem; namely ‘digital transformation’ – business coevolving with its environment, ‘platformization’ – core platform coevolving with its complementors, and ‘reconfiguration’- core ecosystem coevolving with its sub-ecosystems. Based on the findings, we suggest that there is a need to extend the definition of platform ecosystems to also incorporate the sub-ecosystems’ coevolutionary interaction. A new conceptual framework is presented with future plans to develop both the work and the model.